NANOWIPERS - Invisible windshield wipers

Conventional wipers cause wear and tear to your windshield.

Introducing NANOWIPERS.

Even without the help of conventional wipers, NANOWIPERS go a long way in making sure that your vision is as good as when the sky is clear. Water and mud splashed by other cars no longer gets in your way! A thin surface barrier covers the glass and protects it from liquids and impurities.

Water droplets on the windshield bead up and flow off the glass.

We have dubbed this phenomenon "invisible wipers".

This pearl-like effect occurs at speeds of at least 40 mph (60 kph). Nanotech-based wipers make your journey a lot safer.

Let the rain do the cleaning for you.

Water freely flowing across your windshield sweeps any dirt up and away. This self-cleaning ability is complemented by the stick-proof qualities of your treated windscreen, making insects and winter icing easier to remove.

NANOWIPERS protect your car from weather, UV radiation, chemical and mechanical wear.

The nano-layer can resist most chemicals (pH values 13 and below) as well as regular carwash cleaning. Treating your car glass will make it (and your wipers) last longer, and cost you less in maintenance. NANOWIPERS can be applied on any car glass - front, side, back - even roof or headlights, as long as they are made from glass or polycarbonate. Do not worry about any leftovers going to waste - a lacquered car body will also benefit from their rainproofing and self-cleaning effects.

NANOWIPERS are easy to apply - just follow the instructions found on the packaging.

We recommend that you degrease your treated windshield every ~5,000 kilometers (~3,000 miles) to re-expose the nanobarrier. This can be done using any alcohol-based product.

Protection lasts 2 years on average when applied to the windshield, or 3 years on other surfaces.

By using NANOWIPERS, you achieve:

  • an invisible wiper effect
  • long-lasting windshield transparency, regardless of weather
  • excellent visibility when stuck in traffic during rain season
  • a self-cleaning effect on your headlights
  • a safe and stress-free ride in your vehicle
  • longer-lasting windshield wipers
  • improved glass impact strength
  • fewer insects sticking to your car

View in the rain

Nanowipers - view in the rain