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Liquid windshield wipers

Our nanotechnological product, NANOWIPERS, provides windshields with quite exceptional hydrophobic features.

While driving in rain, the view is almost as clear as in dry weather, all without the use of regular windscreen wipers.

Water and mud splashed by other cars doesn't reduce your view!

This phenomenon is known as invisible wipers.

Nano‑film on the surface of the glass repels liquids and impurities.

Drops on the surface create the so‑called pearl effect and flow off the glass at speeds above approx. 40 mph (60 km/h).

Liquid wipers based on nanotechnology contribute to the safety of your ride.

During rain or upon being washed by water, the surface exerts a self‑cleaning lotus effect ‑ impurities are washed off the glass along with the water droplets. Stuck insects and icing are easier to remove from a so treated glass during winter months.

The Nano‑Layer is resistant against chemicals with a pH below 13 and also endures regular cleaning in a car wash. Liquid NANOWIPERS protect your car from weather, chemical and mechanical influences and UV radiation. In doing so, they extend the service life of treated glass and classic wipers and reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

The NANOWIPERS product is applied on car glass ‑ front, side, back, roof, glass headlights, eventually headlights made from polycarbonate.

It is also usable for lacquered surfaces of bodyworks for its repellency against grime and self‑cleaning capability.

The advantage of liquid wipers is easy application, which anyone can perform by themselves.

It is recommended that at least every cca. 5000 km the glass should be well degreased for a higher nanoeffect intensity, because it accumulates a thin film of grease obtained during traffic. This degreasing is done using an ordinary spirit mix.



View in the rain

Nanowipers - view in the rain