NANOWIPERS will keep rain off your windshield.

Raindrops will bead up and fall off the glass at speeds above 40 mph (60 kph).

This invisible wiper effect is caused by the NANOWIPERS' nano-thin protective surface barrier.

Impurities get washed off the glass, resembling the self-cleaning ability of a lotus leaf.

This effect occurs both in the rain and when washed manually.

Insects and icing previously stuck to the glass are now easier to remove. NANOWIPERS also help protect your windscreen from scratches.

NANOWIPERS Rain Repellent

One package of NANOWIPERS contains:

  • 1 bottle with a blue seal (25ml) - NanoClean
  • 1 bottle with a red seal (25ml) - GProtect
  • 1 blue non-woven fabric
  • 1 red non-woven fabric

Just 1 package of NANOWIPERS contains enough of the product to protect the windshield and headlights of one car.

How to apply NANOWIPERS rain repellent:

The windshield must be dry and clean before application. NANOWIPERS can only successfully be applied when both air temperature and glass temperature fall between +5°C and +30°C! If applied at a lower temperature, a dim milky layer will form, preventing any polishing. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Work in ventilated areas!

Take the bottle with the blue seal and shake it. Use a cutting tool to trim the tip of the seal and spray a small amount on the windshield, then polish using the blue fabric. Gradually apply the liquid and polish outwards, over the entire surface of the glass. The surface should feel slightly rough against the fabric, if applied well. Additional amounts should be applied and polished in places where the fabric slides smoothly. Approximately 10 to 15 ml are needed per 1 m² of car glass.

Allow 5 minutes for the liquid to act, and polish any inconsistencies. Warning: Continuing too early or switching the fabrics may render the product non-functional!

Following the 5 minute break, repeat the same process using the product marked red and the red fabric! Aim for a glossy look when polishing. Unlike in the previous step, the fabric should slide smoothly. If not, keep applying and polishing the liquid. The expected usage is 10 to 15 ml per 1 m².

When done, let the protective nanolayer form for 24 hours in a dry location at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C.

Proceed similarly when applying NANOWIPERS to headlights. Do not switch the textiles!

The product contains nano particles in an alcoholic carrier liquid.

Storage: At temperatures +5°C to +40°C! Keep bottles tightly sealed. Protect from frost, direct sunlight and overheating.